A new reALity is born...

Alpha Lima Aviation is a company based in Italy (but we can operate almost everywhere). We offer the best training programs designed to satisfy your needs. Our principles are inspired on the "3S" rule: Safety, Security and Smartness. We are specialized in helping pilots to pass efficiently JAA exames and professional interviews. If you just finished your theoretical course and you know you have to do something to "fill that gap"... call us. It is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Courses operating now: JAA CPL and ATPL training (Airplane and Helicopter), Celestial Navigation (useful for seamen too), Aviation English for beginners, Self defence and counterterrorism for aviation.

We are working on our international homepage... For the time follow this link to visit the Italian website.

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AlphaLima Aviation:
Via G. Giolitti 4
10123 Torino
+39 393 0514069
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Thanks for tuning, opening is coming soon. See you!

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